legendary clear for flexible windows


Strataglass® and CrystalClear are the finest clear vinyl sheets for marine, outdoor and hospitality applications. For any application where sight and clarity really matters. Strataglass is the leading brand of enclosure clear vinyl featuring VueShield®, a proprietary scratch resistant coating. It is the premium choice for flexible windows applications worldwide.

Ultimate Scratch Resistant

Features a highly engineered superior scratch resistant coating called Strataglass VueShield , which inhibits fine line scratches. VueShield seals and protects the vinyl, maintaining its optimum durability, flexibility and extends the life of the Strataglass panels.

Exceptionally Clear

Strataglass is engineered with a distinctive antiglare additive to enhance clarity, reduce sun glare and improve low light visibility.

Legendary Durable

The benefit of Strataglass technology, precision manufacturing and VueShield surface treatment is obvious, you will see more clearly through your marine enclosure for a longer period of time. The exceptional Total Cost of Ownership of our solution delivers to you an increased useful life of your marine enclosure and reduces the frequency of expensive replacement common to other products.


Hardy Resistance to Over spray, Runoff and Pollutants

Clear vinyl curtains are susceptible to streaking from the hardware on your Bimini top or run off points of your boat top. These contaminants can create permanent imperfections in your enclosure panels. Our highly engineered Strataglass VueShield surface treatment chemistry resists these elements from etching the surface of your Strataglass Clear enclosure.


Strataglass Care and Maintenance

To properly clean and maintain your Strataglass products we recommend using Strataglass Protective Cleaner and Strataglass Protective Polish as described below. Both products are by IMAR and available through your Strataglass provider or favorite retail marine store. Use of non-authorized cleaners or protectants may damage the Strataglass and void the warranty.


ALWAYS use Strataglass Protective Cleaner to immediately remove harmful liquids, creams, chemicals or sprays that contact the Strataglass surface. It is important to store a bottle of Strataglass Protective Cleaner on the boat for spot cleaning.


Rinsing Strataglass Curtains

Each time you use the boat, flush the curtains thoroughly with clear water to rinse away any salt or environmental abrasives. Air dry or use a high quality chamois or a microfiber towel.


Cleaning Strataglass Curtains

Every 1-2 weeks spray Strataglass Protective Cleaner directly on the inside and outside surfaces of the Strataglass or onto a soft cotton or micro fiber cloth. Gently wipe the Strataglass surface to clean. If necessary, buff dry with another dry clean cloth.


Polishing Strataglass Curtains

Every 1-2 months apply a light coat of Strataglass Protective Polish on both the inside and outside surfaces with small, light circular motions using a soft cotton cloth or applicator pad. Allow the polish to quickly dry. Lightly buff with a dry soft cotton or micro fiber cloth to a sparkling smooth shine.


Strataglass Warranty

We stand behind Strataglass with a 2-Year “No Worries” Performance Warranty. Strataglass has useful life expectancy of many more years when properly cleaned and maintained using Strataglass Protective Cleaner and Strataglass Protective Polish by IMAR.



Strataglass is the legendary and most recognized brand in a flexible coated vinyl sheet engineered with VueShield™ to resist scratching, UV degradation, chemical damage and the typical marine environment. It incorporates the highest quality raw materials with a proprietary coating and manufacturing processes.

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Strataglass 30mil:   0,75mm thickness          Clear                           137 x 280 cm 5 sheets/box

Strataglass 40mil:   1,00mm thickness          Clear                           137 x 280 cm 5 sheets/box

Strataglass 40mil:   1,00mm thickness          Light Smoke               137 x 280 cm 5 sheets/box

Strataglass 60mil:   1,50mm thickness          Clear                           137 x 280 cm 3 sheets/box



CrystalClear offers superior clarity and performance quality in an uncoated vinyl sheet. CrystalClear has been the clear vinyl choice of O.E.M. Boat Builders, Marine Suppliers, Marine and Awning fabricators, and Power Screen Manufacturers worldwide.

CrystalClear 30mil:   0,75mm thickness        Clear                           137 x 280 cm 5 sheets/box

CrystalClear 40mil:   1,00mm thickness        Clear                           137 x 280 cm 5 sheets/box

CrystalClear 40mil:   1,00mm thickness        Light Smoke               137 x 280 cm 5 sheets/box



PanoramaFR is a flame-resistant press-polished clear vinyl sheet designed for indoor or outdoor use in any application where clarity, durability, strength and dimensional stability is required.

PanoramaFR 20mil:   0,50mm thickness       Clear                           137 x 280 cm 10 sheets/box

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