premium cleaner and polish for marine vinyl, clear vinyl and gelcoat


IMAR® offers premium quality polymer-based cleaning products and polishers for yachts including vinyl, clear vinyl and fiber glass gelcoats. IMAR polishes bond molecularly, creating a nearly invincible layer of protection that leaves behind a beautiful glossy finish. IMAR products are created for boats in the marine environment and work great on many outdoor surfaces like enclosures, tents and even golf carts. IMAR products are endorsed by Strataglass, Inc. and Stamoid Marine for the care and maintenance of their products.


IMAR is based on a 2-step approach of clean and protect. There is a generic mild soap to start any cleaning process, while several tailored products are available to wash specific materials.

polish and protect

IMAR Products offers a line of high-quality polymer-based cleaning products. IMAR polishes bond molecularly, creating a nearly invincible layer of protection that leaves behind a beautiful glossy finish.

trusted and endorsed

IMAR premium quality care products are exclusively endorsed by Strataglass® and other premium quality vinyl suppliers to the industry.


specific information and instructions for the different applications in different languages:

IMAR for clear vinyl (like Strataglass):

The products that are endorsed by Strataglass, #301 and #302, were created to protect the coating that is applied to Strataglass to keep it from drying out and discoloring. These products can be used on any clear window without causing harm.

IMAR - Clear Vinyl Instructions - English

IMAR - Clear Vinyl Instructions - Français

IMAR - Clear Vinyl Instructions - Español

IMAR for vinyl products:

The products endorsed by Serge Ferrari for Stamoid Marine – primarily in the US are #601, #602, and #603. The big sell for these products is that they were formulated so any over-spray or run-off of the products onto the clear windows will not cause any harm to the clear windows. These products work great on all coated vinyl surfaces regardless of who manufactures them.

IMAR - Vinyl Products Instructions - English

IMAR – Vinyl Products Instructions – Français

IMAR – Vinyl Products Instructions – Español


IMAR® products program:

CLEAR VINYL CARE PRODUCTS, endorsed by Strataglass®

VINYL CARE PRODUCTS, endorsed by Ferrari Stamoid Marine.


IDCodeProductsizeml.bottles / case
#3015301-118Strataglass Protective Cleaner (Spray) – 118ml.4oz.11824
5301-473Strataglass Protective Cleaner (Spray) – 473ml.16oz.47312
#3025302-118Strataglass Protective Polish – 118ml.4oz.11824
5302-473Strataglass Protective Polish – 473ml.16oz.47312
#3135313-118PanoramaFR Protective Cleaner – 118ml.4oz.11824
5313-473PanoramaFR Protective Cleane – 473ml.16oz.47312
#4015401-118Yacht Soap Concentrate – 118ml.4oz.11824
5401-473Yacht Soap Concentrate – 473ml.16oz.47312
#5055505Strataglass Care Bucket1
#5075507Captain’s Bucket1
#6015601-118Marine Vinyl Protective Cream – 118ml.4oz.11824
5601-473Marine Vinyl Protective Cream – 473ml.16oz.47312
#6025602-118Marine Vinyl Protective Spray – 118ml.4oz.11824
5602-473Marine Vinyl Protective Spray – 473ml.16oz.47312
#6035603-118Marine Vinyl Cleaner – 118ml.4oz.11824
5603-473Marine Vinyl Cleaner – 473ml.16oz.47312
#100151001Professional Grade Glass Polish – 237ml.8oz.2376
Kit #42542IMAR Strataglass 3 Pakpak 12
Kit #71571IMAR Marine Vinyl 3 Pakpak 12

These packages are sold for distribution by case.

Assortments in kits are available: gift-pack and bucket

Other products available from IMAR®:




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